The Festive Season – A Content Opportunity Not To Be Missed

For many companies it is inevitable that the holiday and festive season provides an atmosphere that is less than productive and efficient in terms of your business objectives.

Many people take leave and some businesses operate on a skeleton staff or even close entirely over this period, opening its doors once again when the New Year hangover is beginning to subside.

But just because your staff members are not working at full capacity, this does not mean that your business should waste its opportunity to be communicating with current and prospective clients.

A content strategy is a year-long endeavour, and while the festive season may see less social media or blog posts produced, radio silence is never a good idea.

In fact, it is wasting a great opportunity to communicate and connect with people when your competition may not be; or even worse, showing customers that your competition is active on social media or on their website while your business is nowhere to be found.

It is also worth noting that this time of the year is one of the peak shopping times, and a period in which many people have additional income at their disposal due to bonuses being paid. Not taking the opportunity to remind these people, or shoppers who could potentially be looking for a product or service like yours, about your offering is ensuring that your content or communication strategy is missing the mark.

In addition to extra money available, these potential customers also have more time on their hands at this stage of year, whether due to a quieter work schedule, or annual leave and holidays combining to provide the luxury of free time.

This means that people will have the time to do what they want, and many will end up spending that precious time online. This is where your content needs to be visible, engaging and interesting, in order to communicate effectively and continue the conversation with your current and potential customers at a time when so many of your competitors may be out of action.

Plan ahead and have your blog articles professionally written and scheduled to be posted during the festive season with a professional Blog Writer, or utilise our social media management service for your business Facebook / Twitter / Instagram pages to engage with your audience throughout the holidays.

ITSys Content Services is a professional agency with you over 10 years experience, taking care of your digital channels allowing you to take some time off while your business is still online.

Talk to ITSys about your social media strategy and put some planning into your festive season marketing and communication a few months before the end of the year to ensure that your brand stays top-of-mind for your audience.

Let ITSys Content Services keep your conversation going during the festive season.



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