Website Design Facts That Are Worth Learning From – Part 1

Your business website is a fundamental part of your brand strategy, and serves as a shop window for your business which is accessible to a wider audience online. The importance of your website should not be underestimated, and it is worth to note a few interesting facts regarding website design that could prove as guidelines for your next new or revamped website.

In part 1 of this article, we take a look at three facts that are worth keeping in mind when planning your business website…

48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.

We’ll let that sink in for a moment. That particular fact is a lesson in how important the design is, and how it will impact your business’ performance and conversion rate from an online perspective. Make sure that your website is professional and showcases your business in the best light, and it will work to your business’ advantage.

In a recent study, 44% of internet users questioned claim that terrible navigation caused them to leave the website early.

Building a website is no simple matter, and making sure that navigation is intuitive and easy to use for any new user is key. Professional website developers such as ITSys Developments understand this, and build websites with user navigation in mind.

A website has 10 seconds to leave an impression and tell users what they’ll get out of your website and company. After this time, many users will leave.

This tells you that the homepage and any significant landing page on your site needs to be designed with a short concentration span in mind, ensuring that content, image slideshow and design work hand in hand to attract and interest the visitor.

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When considering your options with regards to website design, choose a company like ITSys Developments, which will provide a professional and expert approach to creating the best website for your business.

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