Get Your Important Documents And Content Professionally Proofread

We’ve all heard the horror stories of a crucial document or report that was printed and widely distributed to clients, associates or partners within or outside of a business, only for glaring mistakes to stand out and make the content look incredibly unprofessional. ITSys Proofeaders will professionally proofread your content and edit where required to provide professional business content for you to use. 

Looking like a complete after-thought, documents riddled with mistakes should be proofread and edited before they reach the eyes of the intended recipient; damaging the reputation of the business.

Take this extra step to ensure that your content is thoroughly proofread by a professional before the final copy is approved and sent for printing or emailed widely to those expected to read the copy.

Proofreading does not only apply to important documents or company reports, but any content that is produced and intended for others to read.

Whether the content is a website blog, an internal document, website copy or a speech that will be delivered to investors, proofreading should be a must to ensure professional quality content that is consistent with the tone and values of the person, brand or company it represents.

No matter how trusted and careful the original author of any content is, a second pair of trained eyes proofreading the content is always a smart part of the process, allowing the editor to identify and fix mistakes or suggest improvements to the copy.

ITSys Content Services provides a professional document editing and proofreading service that businesses or individuals can take advantage of.

We edit websites, company profiles, business plans, and other professional documents as required. We can edit most written documents in most formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Portable Document Files (PDF), and Rich Text Files (.rtf).

With our Editing and Proofreading service, our highly qualified and experienced editors will conduct a comprehensive, multi-level review of your documents, examining each sentence and paragraph to ensure clarity, readability and flow.

We will make suggestions to resolve ambiguous phrases and awkward language, while fixing other mistakes as we go.




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